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Frits Verheij - director smart energy DNV KEMA & Chair TKI Switch2SmartGrids (Top sector Energy)

Frits Verheij has been working in the renewable energy business and related topics since the start of his career in 1987. At present he is Director Smart Energy within DNV KEMA. Frits has gained broad experience in thematically solving technological and socio-economical questions on renewable energy, smart grids and energy storage. He has been asked by governments to provide policy advises and by utilities and grid operators to support them in defining innovation strategies.

Frits can be called an intermediary and a team worker. He is analytical, communicative, persevering, reliable and creative. Frits creates pleasant climates suitable for consultation, and knows how to deal with different views and interests of various stakeholders.

Frits has been managing feasibility studies on innovative concepts like the Energy Island and Socket-at-Sea. At present he is chairman of the Advisory Board as well as the secretary of the Steering Committee of the Smart Energy Collective, an industrial initiative of 30 companies in the Netherlands that is designing and planning to build large pilot projects to test and demonstrate integrated solutions for interoperable technologies, services, tools and infrastructures developed by these companies.

Frits Verheij is trackleader van de An Innovative Truth V thematrack Smart Grids


An Innovative Truth V - Congres over Duurzame ICT en Energie - 19 juni 2013 - BeatrixTheater Utrecht - trackleader Frits Verheij - DNVKEMA
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